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Congratulations, you’ve finished renovating! You’ve made it through the whirlwind of joys and struggles and finally, everything looks stylish including your lovely painted walls.

Now what?  With all that blank space, I believe artwork can turn an empty space into an exciting one and create this unique feeling of home.  “Where do I start?”, “Where to look?”  These are common questions for homeowners.  Before you get stressed, let me help you!

My name is Rochelle Summerfield and I have been a passionate visual artist for over 25 years. My art is deeply influenced by my connection to the natural environment I live in, and I believe that art is for everyone. That’s why I value having art in my home and why I appreciate others who feel arts ability for connection.  Art speaks beyond the aesthetic and is a real game-changer when it comes to revealing the soul of your updated home.

What if you don’t know what you like? We live in a visual world saturated with so many pictures that often it feels overwhelming to choose. Remember that artists are inspired to create, and if you discover their story and the person behind its making, you will feel some of that creative inspiration and have some fun along the way!

The best place to start is online. Check out your local art galleries, find out what artists are currently exhibiting there, as well as artist-run initiatives where like-minded artists of a similar oeuvre gather, if it doesn’t float your boat then find another. On the Northern Beaches, you have the Manly Art Gallery & Museum right on your doorstep and both the MCA as well as the NSW State Gallery are but a lovely ferry trip out with the family.  The advantage of these institutions is that they will have anything from the latest contemporary avant-garde pieces to historical works and will give you a general understanding of what’s going on in the art scene.  You just can’t beat witnessing those artworks in all their glorious presence, whatever the medium. It may start your heart pumping!

Another way to approach a special artwork for your home, is via commission.  It’s best to choose an artist whose work you love and understand. Find guidance on the commission process on my page where I’ve laid out a series of steps and questions to facilitate this procedure regardless of the artist you choose

Need more help?  If you love nature and waterways like me, look no further! As an artist on Ladies Renovating Collective, Northern Beaches, I created two special LRC bundles specifically for the Ladies!

Receive 3 framed ORIGINAL artworks for the price of 2 plus lots of added value to enjoy with your family!

Find out how, here

Not quite there yet? Contact me here and I’ll be very happy to help you further! Enjoy the ride!


This article was written by Rochelle Summerfield and published in the Ladies Collective Renovating Magazine – Winter Edition. 


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