Travel is being inspired, seeing different landscapes, and having new experiences.  As an artist, travel experiences are a fun way to create new ideas for the studio.

When my youngest son, Chris gifted me his kitted-out van for three weeks, it made my heart sing to have an opportunity to do something on my bucket list. That was, drive along The Great Ocean Road in a van.

Since we live in Northern NSW, where winter is called Summerland here, my partner Richard did think the timing was pretty mad!! ‘It’s winter’ he said, ‘It will be blowing a gale’, but when something is on your bucket list and the Gods seem to align, then it’s not the time to procrastinate. It was exciting to be on the road again, post-pandemic!

Here are my five top inspirational moments:

  1. The golden glow of The Great Ocean coastline
  2. Brief inspiring conversations with strangers
  3. Critters giving me moments to learn from
  4. The presence of beings that are trees in the Redwood Otways and the Mountain Ash
  5. Cold dips in the Southern Ocean and often more than 12,000 steps a day and feeling so good!


  1. The golden glow of The Great Ocean coastline

 Time stood still as I stood in the midst of centuries old dark basalt base & golden limestone cliffs. Centuries of wind and waves pound centuries of layers of limestone made from shellfish formations. Time became expensive as I felt the sound of the caves reverberate through me and include me, as the winds bounced back from these grand cliffs. Then the giggles of tourists and whirl of shutters brought me to the present, and the awesomeness of nature we were all celebrating.

  1. Brief inspiring conversations with strangers

The pale pink combi van trundled down the hill making a racket, at Depot Beach National Park, with an older woman laughing and singing with her granddaughter.  She stopped to say hello to me and spoke briefly about being off on a grand adventure, destination unknown and her joy and laughter inspired me.

  1. Critters giving me moments to learn from

The sun was out, and a very large kangaroo was down by Depot Beach, National Park sunning himself.  Suddenly, he did the most gigantic yoga backbend I’ve ever seen, with half-closed eyes and absolute pleasure in that moment of sunshine, scratching his belly.  A lesson about the healing nature of the sun and small appreciative pleasures.

  1. The ‘presence’ of the trees in the Redwood Otways

Planted in 1936, the timber cutters realized, that Australia’s native trees couldn’t keep up with the vociferous appetite of the colonies for chopping trees.  So, they planted a stand of Californian Redwoods. Now 86 years old, they can grow up to 400 years old

They stand in even rows like gothic sentinels reaching between earth and sky.  Their youth eager to be, as beautiful and elegant as youth is, (no gnarly twisted adaption here)

Silence enveloped all, as the Redwoods exerted their powerful presence on the small human tourists below.  Cathedral like, all was hushed, the bush sounds and voices in quiet reverie.

Not far from here, we walked through the Beechwood Forest with mountain ash, ferns, and waterfalls.  A beautiful, lush garden of green.  

  1. Cold dips in the Southern Ocean and often more than 12,000 steps a day and feeling good!

What can I say? F##king cold and so very invigorating!!

PS Some bloody good meals too!

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