Commissioned Artworks Available

Welcome to my commission page! I’m thrilled at the prospect of creating a unique, personalised artwork that perfectly complements your home or workspace. If you’re interested, please drop me an email at, and we’ll arrange a Zoom call to discuss your vision.

Find out more about my commission process below.

Commissioned artwork ‘A Special Kinship with the Mountain Orange Gum’.
Image Credit: Kate Kerin Interiors

Commission for Kate Kerin of Kate Kerin Interiors:

‘I commissioned an artwork from Rochelle Summerfield on behalf of an interior design client. Rochelle was an absolute delight to work with. She stayed in regular contact throughout the process and was collaborative and communicative. Her art is just stunning – the work is even more beautiful than we had hoped for. Rochelle delivered on time, and her fee was extremely reasonable. I highly recommend her and look forward to commissioning her again in the future. Thanks Rochelle! Your art will give pleasure to my client every day.’

I recently had the pleasure of working with Kate Kerin Interiors on a commissioned piece for their client. From my perspective, the process was incredibly fulfilling. Collaborating closely with the interior designer, we focused on crafting an artwork that not only matched the client’s vision but also harmoniously integrated with their space. It was a journey of artistic discovery and mutual understanding, culminating in a piece that truly resonates with the client’s home. The satisfaction and joy expressed by Kate Kerin Interiors in their blog post reflect the rewarding nature of this collaboration.

For more details on their experience, you can read the full blog post here.

Commissioned artwork ‘From a new perspective’.

Commission for Chris Volpe of Fox Wardrobes:

‘I purchased a large 160cmw by 110cmh artwork from Rochelle, as a feature piece for my living room. It was pencil and gouache. I live in the Byron Hinterland and I wanted a piece that embodied my connection with the nature in the area.

The piece she created has become a massive talking point in my home. It brought a piece of the hinterland inside and the more I look at it, the more I see. The details, the colours, the animals and the rolling landscape. I love it I love it I love it!! It took approx 10 weeks to receive but was worth the wait, because I can see how much time she spent on this original creation with its intricate detail, and it was professionally framed. I love that it’s a unique piece created for me, with a special story about eagles which I requested.  I love that it tells this story and I’m proud to have it as a feature in my home.

Thank you, Rochelle!

I recommend that if you are looking for a new piece of art and want something that is unique to you and that has meaning that is specific to your life and lifestyle, engage Rochelle to create you a commission piece.’

The Commission Process

Before our meeting, I encourage you to explore my artworks on this site and my Instagram @rochelleartist. Consider these questions to help guide our discussion:

1. Which artworks of mine resonate with you?
2. What are your preferred colours?
3. What’s your vision for the space where the artwork will be placed?
4. Do you have any specific ideas or messages you want the artwork to convey?
5. What size and whether you prefer framed or unframed pieces?

During our Zoom call, we’ll delve into these aspects to determine the commission’s cost, which will be based on size, time, materials, and framing options. Clear communication is key to ensuring I fully grasp your vision, enabling me to infuse unique elements into the artwork, creating a deep personal connection for you.

A 50% non-refundable deposit is required to commence the project. This covers materials, time for research, colour tests, initial concepts, and a preliminary composition. It’s important to finalise any changes at this stage before progressing to the full-scale work.

Full payment is due upon delivery, and the title of the artwork transfers only after full payment. Note that the copyright remains with me, the artist. You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity with your artwork.

Your custom artwork will be a beautiful, high-quality creation, reflecting my original ideas and handcrafted processes. A quote will be provided within a week of our Zoom discussion.

I am excited about the opportunity to craft a stunning, meaningful piece for your special space, one that you will cherish for years to come.

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