Commissioned Artworks Available

Commissioned artwork ‘From a new perspective’.

Would like to commission a work that is super personal to you, and in the colours and special messaging and sizing that would suit your home or work environment? Then I really look forward to making an awesome unique artwork for you, send me a line and we can set up a zoom call.

Prior to the zoom have a look at some of my artworks and check out my Instagram page @rochelleartist and think about some of these questions below.

Is there 2 or 3 artworks on the website or Instagram page that you particularly like?
What colours do you like?
What is your vision for the room and the artwork that you’re after?
Is there a particular idea or message that you’d like in the work?
Where is it going?
What are the colours or feelings that you’d like from that room?
The size of the work?
Framed or unframed?

Set up a zoom call. During the zoom, we will discuss these questions and I’ll use the answers to come up with a price for the commission and will form the basis of a quote. The Quote will be worked out via the information detailed on the size of the work, the time needed, the materials and whether it is framed or unframed.

The communication process is important too, for clarity for both parties and for me to come up with the creative ideas. This way I will know your vision for your space and the artwork, and I can integrate some really unique messaging into the piece so that you feel a very special connection with it.

Once agreed that the commission will proceed, a 50%, Non-refundable deposit is required and by paying the deposit you agree to the terms. The deposit is for materials, time to research and colour tests, ideation and a compositional preview will be presented to you. Before proceeding onto the larger work, any changes needed must be finalised at this stage.

Final full payment on delivery. Title of any goods does not pass until payment is received in full. Copyright is retained by the artist. You will also receive a Certificate of Authenticity.

Your artwork will be manufactured and installed as agreed. Your finished artwork will be beautiful, made with artist top quality materials. It is fully handmade by the artist and original ideas and processes Quote within a week on zoom discussion.

I really look forward to making add an awesome unique artwork for your super special home or workspace. A piece that you will love and that will add value for years to come.