A River’s Flight

AUD $480.00 Framed

Professionally framed in natural oak.
Framed Original Pencil & Gouache, collage antique paper and archival glues.


A River’s Flight is a visual love poem to Biirinba, the river that flows through the landscape where I live. The river is a powerful, everchanging life force that sustains every living being here. The Wedgetail eagle soars high above, seeing Biirinba from different perspectives. The eagle is a truly magnificent creature. Positioned in the artwork, it’s as if the eagle is flying off with the Clarence River due to the somewhat casual disregard for the river’s essential place in life. The eagle in this poem, symbolises hope and new ways of seeing and forgiveness, finding the means to give back.

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Unframed: Free
Framed: $150
Pick Up: Free (Seeland, NSW)

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