Beauty and strength are the Water Gum

AUD $680.00

Pencil and gouache with gesso on 300gsm Arches paper. It is professionally framed in Oak with glass. I use the best quality artist materials and a specialist framer.


I skim low across the river’s surface and come upon a remnant stand of grand old trees.  They are twisted and gnarled, shaped by powerful surges of the river in flood. I edge closer, manoeuvring around splayed, overhanging limbs to feel their living presence.  In the kayak, I am at the same level as the impressive curled and knotted roots that twist through and around rock and silt supporting the riverbank. The trees are the Water Gum (Tristaniopsis laurina).

In this artwork I was inspired by the beauty and elegance of those twisted, gnarled tree roots and limbs.  I admired the adaption and strength of the Water Gum as it bent to the flow of the River in flood.  They are living evidence of the Water Gum’s powerful endurance to its environment with elegant mutual grace between River and Tree.

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