Blue Sprite zipping about

AUD $160.00 Unframed

Unframed print:  $160 AUD ‘Blue Sprite zipping about’, 2022, Custom made print from original ink drawing, with hand watercolour on 300gsm Cranes Lettra, signed and presented unframed in a sealed Archival A4 photo bag, with foamcore support. The Cranes Lettra paper size is 29.7cm x 21cm, and the fits into a stock A4 frame.

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Kayaking on the river with the sunshine on my back, is my happy place particularly when I’m greeted by zippy brilliant splashes of Cerulean Blue. It’s the Blue Sprite Damselfly, who hovers and zips about changing direction in the blink of an eye. They are a sign of transformation, and a reminder- a change of direction can happen as soon as you decide to act.
The next best thing is that Blue Sprites love to eat stacks of mosquitoes, and mozzies love to eat me!

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