Ethereal Innocence

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2020, original hand-drawn unique artwork in pencil and paint, on top quality art paper 640gsm Fabriano Artistico, unframed image size 78cmh x 60cmw

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This drawing is a homage to the vulnerable and innocent in all things. It’s a very delicate and understated work, as I wanted to highlight the delicate nature of this plant.  It’s a drawing of an endangered plant found only on the outskirts of Dubbo which hasn’t been seen there since 2014.  The plant is the Zieria ingramii. It’s a spindly small shrub with small white to pinkish flowers.  I used shadows and layers, to represent the plants heightened vulnerability and if it becomes extinct, its shadows that are lost upon our landscapes. We can get so much joy from nature, and if we plant local natives, nature will reward us with birdlife, insects and a wonderful garden and habitat.

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