Floating Graphic Flutterer

AUD $160.00 Unframed

Unframed print:  $160 AUD ‘Floating Graphic Flutterer’, 2022, Custom made print from original ink drawings, with hand watercolour on 300gsm Cranes Lettra, signed and presented unframed in a sealed Archival A4 photo bag, with foamcore support. The Cranes Lettra paper size is 29.7cm x 21cm, and the fits into a stock A4 frame.

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As I walked long enough and far enough with the beat of my steps smoothing my mental chatter, I became alive to the senses.  The rustling, and smells of the damp bush emerged with a slow gliding movement, not unlike a butterfly, that caught my attention.  This striking creature, abruptly and in the blink of an eye, changed direction, I knew then it was a dragonfly.  It’s golden honey-coloured wings, glistening in the sunlight transformed my spirit, to the curiosity and joy around me.

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