Forest Red Gum, Many Connections

AUD $3,500.00 Framed

2021, pencil, gouache and gesso on 425gsm Saunders Waterford paper, $3500. Professionally framed in natural oak 155cmh x 105cmw. This unique drawing is on top quality, heavy weight art paper 425gsm called Saunders Waterford, and drawn with pencil, gouache, and gesso. It is framed by my local, archival framer in natural oak with archival wooden square mould frame and perspex. Australian made.


I love trees. They provide us the air we need to breathe, shelter from the sun, animal and human sanctuary and they just look gorgeous. This tree also provides such beautifully sweet and fragrant honey blossoms. Bees love it and so do I. This unique drawing work was made with top quality art materials, and it is a wonderful opportunity to bring a little bit of nature into your home and support an Australian artist.

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