Green Jewel buzzing across my studio Card Pk of 4

AUD $35.00 Unframed

Each pack contains four different drawings of the Green Metallic Carpenter Native Bees colour printed as 4 cards. The cards are a digital print on 360gsm Materica, scored and folded with a coloured envelope and tied with a bow in jute string.



10% of each online sale of the bee card packs is donated to the Lions Club of Clarence- Environmental for our threatened flora and fauna projects.

I discovered this Green Metallic Carpenter Native Bee (Xylocopa (Lestis) in my studio. Literally buzzing her distinctive buzz, and rather crankily too, trying to get out the window. Not sure how she got trapped in here but as I let her outside, I was captivated by her amazing bright and shiny colouring. It is only the girls who are this metallic green, and she has these darkish black eyes and soft brown wings.

Bees pollinate our food, gardens and landscapes, helping plants to keep the life cycle continuing!

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