Homage to the magical Grey Mangrove

AUD $4,750.00 Unframed

2022, Pencil, gouache and gesso drawing with River sediment on 356gsm Arches watercolour paper, 350cmh x 130cmw.


We met at the River’s edge; it was last summer.  I was entranced by your breadth of swooping long and enveloping limbs that reached down to the earth to create new beginnings. As I leaned in to feel your magnificent trunk, with textured skin and intriguing grotesque extrusions- stopped short as if frustrated by the wisdom of time and intuitive knowledge of no time- but time across generations.  

Rings of encircling breather roots exposed by the tide, raise quirky knobbly gestures to the light.  Under my bare feet I feel your pulsating rhythms of interwoven root systems and life, connections shaped by the River, Earth and this magical Tree. 

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