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Hand drawn and painted Gouache and oil pastel adhered to 600gsm Lana Aquarelle, with gouache accents and hand signed in pencil. Archival framing, professionally mounted in white wooden square mould frame and glass, Size including frame 53.5cmh x 43.5cmw

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To be curious and open to life all the time is about the control of the mind at times! The birdlife by my studio offer me moments of remembering to be inquisitive, to ‘be’ in the moment and grateful for the‘wonder’ we have in Australia. I juxtaposed nature with culture, to hint at post-industrial encroachment on the survival of birds.

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  1. Chris

    Thanks for this amazing fairy wren! It lights up our space with its playfulness and brings joy to us on a daily basis. I love the fine detail in the artwork and admire the skill that it must have taken to create such a beautiful piece! I will be buying more work from you in the future and will refer my friends!

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