Morning Light on the Grey Mangrove

AUD $2,650.00 Framed

Morning Light on the Grey Mangrove, Sandon River, 2022, Pencil drawing, gouache and gesso on 300gsm Arches watercolour paper, paper size 100cmh x 116cmw and hand signed. Please note that the framed example in this living room image, is to show context only. This artwork is currently custom framed in white wood moulding with perspex, 104cmh x 121cm wide. Refitting in natural oak is available at an additional fee due to framing cost increases. Please contact me for a quote.


When the morning light was gentle, and I was out boating along the River in Northern NSW I saw this beautiful Grey Mangrove Tree. Its gnarled age, elegance and grace struck me. It is found within the ‘Solitary Islands Marine Park’ Sanctuary Zone on the Sandon River, where the waters look pristine.

When I work in the field, I develop a kinship with a particular tree. Each visit is a learning of the subject. I embed these connections and experiences into the ‘tree portraits’ I make. These old trees are often 200 years old or more.
They are precious beings.

Trees give us many gifts. The Tree roots stabilise the riverbank and filter and clean water run-off. The canopy provides shade and food for habitat and for fish as well. The Trees cool the waters for us all to swim in. To top it off, they provide us with breathable air.

This tree is protected as habitat and what a joy and wonder to behold!

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