Native Tree Card Pk of 4

AUD $35.00 Unframed

Each pack contains four different drawings of four native old-growth Trees that I love, and are printed as cards on 280gsm Materica Chilled White scored and folded with a coloured envelope and tied with a bow in jute string.



10% of each online sale of the bee card packs is donated my local Environmental group for our threatened flora and fauna projects in the Clarence Valley.

I come upon a remnant stand of grand old trees. They are twisted and gnarled, shaped by powerful surges of the river in flood. I edge closer, manoeuvring around splayed, overhanging limbs to feel their living presence. I sit quietly, breathing their expelled air and enjoying the cool shade and habitat in the crowns above.

For me, these Trees are beauty in the true sense of the word. These precious old beings are gnarled, twisted old growth trees that are living evidence of strength, endurance, and timelessness because they are aged beyond our human years. They exist in a rich riparian landscape, a meeting of river and land, a flourishing place between.

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