Fated Innocence

AUD $1,350.00

2020, pencil on 640gsm Fabriano Artistico, image size 75cmh x 71cmw


I had so many wonderful days as a child fishing in the sunshine.  So seeing pictures of masses of dead fish on TV during the Menindee fish kill crisis was very confronting. Our rivers are sick, and water politics is not solving the problems and our wildlife is vulnerable to extinction.  It has been wonderful to see many fishing folks speak out about the quality and loss of fish in our rivers.  They and other like-minded individuals are doing something about it, planting native species along the riparian landscapes.

I made a fish puppet and it created moody shadows. In Shakespeare’s plays, he has a character called the Doomed Innocent. Many species are vulnerable, and I felt that the Macquarie Perch is one such doomed innocent, as it is now extinct from the Macquarie River. If we take only what we need, nature will reward us with a bountiful harvest.

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