When the magic happens

AUD $500.00 Unframed

Pencil and gouache with gesso on 300gsm Arches paper. It is professionally framed in Oak with glass. I use the best quality artist materials and a specialist framer.


I have fond memories of May Gibb’s stories except for my childhood indignation at the Banksia tree being the bad, bad Banksia men.  As I gazed fondly at the Banksia trees, I thought to myself with a giggle, how could such a striking tree be bad.

As my skin ages in my mind, it was bad too.  Whilst on holidays and out on an early morning walk, I discovered this very grand old-growth Banksia tree.  I was admiring its beautiful gnarly skin with lots of lumps and bumps.  I found joy in its twisted and awkward branches as they reached out in all their glory of endurance. I loved this tree and I wanted to draw it.  With a flash of insight between me and the lumpy bumpy Banksia, my unconditional love for this tree revealed that I needed to unconditionally love my own skin.  In that soft magical light was a shared moment of love for each other.

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