Workshop: Drawing Inspiration from Nature

AUD $35.00

Creating art with nature to inspire you to pick up a pencil and express how you feel.

Have you always wanted to draw? I want to ignite your love for drawing and to ‘discover how to draw’ in your own way. To pick up a pencil and draw like you did as a child.


This course is designed for beginners, or someone with an interest in creativity, or maybe you just don’t know how to start. These processes will get you started. Perhaps you journal and want to embrace drawing in your journal too. Drawing helps spark creativity and unleash ideas.

This course is not for you if you want a finished product on completion.

There are 6 short videos ranging 3-6mins in length, demonstrating 6 processes that I love to do. I use these six easy foundation processes all the time as a working artist. They are experiential, and process based. The processes give me a place to start and be curious and discover, the natural world. They help me feel my way through and gain an understanding of the subject. When I take the time to chill out and slow down, I learn a lot about myself, as well as discover the amazing wonders in the natural environment.

By drawing in nature, and gifting myself the time to slow down and chill out, not worry about the drawing itself or if its good enough, I find I appreciate the wonders of the landscape and make marks that are expressive, delicate and powerful.

The videos demonstrate each process and are designed for you to ‘learn to draw’ for yourself. Give it a go, discover your intuitive drawing processes, and what works best for you. It isn’t a step-by-step method, it is process-based and practice-based to help you feel confident to draw in your way.

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