Installation, Confluence in

Water: presence & absence



10 December 2022- 29 January 2023

About The Exhibition

Curator: Rilka Oakley

Confluence’ artists: Rochelle Summerfield with Tracy Pateman and Will Rodgers

Rochelle Summerfield, 2.5m x 3.5m drawings (River sediment, mud, gouache, and pencil) and wall paintings (gouache pencil)
Tracy Pateman, Silversmith and small metal works.
Will Rodgers, Acoustic Ecologist and musician, site specific recordings and editing.

‘Confluence’ is an installation that was a part of Water: presence & absence, curator Rilka Oakley, Blue Mountains Cultural Centre and the photos are courtesy of BMCC and photo credit is to silversalt.


This exhibition explores the urgent need for awareness around our most precious resource – water. Without water all forms of life perish. Globally our water sources are threatened by mining, industry and over population. In Australia we fight similar battles with government’s prioritising mining over the health and longevity of our water systems while drought ravages the country. Artists around the world are engaging with the crisis humans have placed on the planet. Many are exploring the importance of healthy water systems to our survival as a species. Artists include local Blue Mountains and national artists whose work investigates water as a theme.

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